Possum merino morse beanie by Lothlorian


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Possum merino morse beanie made by Lothlorian in New Zealand, using a blend of 50% fine merino wool, 40% possum fur and 10% nylon. A smart single thickness beanie for men or ladies. Looks great with the matching scarf (code 9870). Luxurious, soft and so warm! Main colour has black contrast design. One size fits most.

Blending the merino with possum fur reduces the weight of the finished article whilst increasing the insulation properties. The possum fur also helps to stabilise the wool against washing shrinkage.


New Zealand has a world-wide reputation for high quality manufactured products. This is especially the case at the Lothlorian factory near Auckland, where they have state of the art computerised knitting machinery.  Using  3-D knitting technology, Lothlorian can create seamless garments. This is known as  the “whole garment” method.

WOOL 50%

New Zealand’s quality pastures produce the ultra-fine wool from the Merino sheep. Merino wool moves moisture away from the skin as well as being naturally odour resistant.


New Zealand introduced the Tasmanian Brush-tail Possum in the 1850’s. With no natural predators in New Zealand, they have spread over the entire country. In the 1980’s, every night more than 70 million possums would eat through 22,000 tonnes of native forest, thereby destroying the plants and bird habitat. By 2010, reports indicated that there had been a considerable reduction in the possum population.  Possum fur is a hollow fibre that will not freeze, as well as being anti-static. The unique soft pointed ends and hollow core provide an extremely light fibre, as well as being soft and luxurious. Even the lightest possum product will keep the wearer warm without feeling bulky. Polar bear fur is the only other fibre that will not freeze.


The 10% nylon content helps to bind all fibres therefore resulting in added strength.


Lothlorian’s possum merino morse beanie can be safely machine washed on a cool/cold water temperature. Make sure to use a gentle cycle and a slow spin. Dry all items flat.

Additional information

Weight 50 g

Red, Light blue, Charcoal


One size.


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