Delivery information

Australian orders

Delivery within Australia is provided by Australia Post. We charge a base rate of $4 per delivery plus $8 per kilogram. Orders shipped by Australia Post can be delivered to post office boxes.

How long will I have to wait for my order to be delivered?

We quote the time before an item ships for each product on our site. We ship items that are in stock within 24 hours and items that aren’t in stock can be sourced and packed for shipment in two to fourteen days. This is the time that it takes for us to ship the order, not the time it takes for the order to be delivered. Please contact us if you would like an estimate of shipping time for a particular product.

To work out the total delivery time you will need to add the shipping time quoted on our site to the following delivery times quoted by Australia Post.

Destination Delivery time
ACT 3 business days
NSW 3–4 business days
NT 5–7 business days
QLD 3–5 business days
SA 3–4 business days
TAS 3 business days
VIC 1–2 business days
WA 5–8 business days

International orders

All international orders are shipped by Australia Post’s Air Mail service. This means that we can deliver to post office boxes. However we are not able to ship to countries that pose a high risk of credit card fraud.

Most international orders arrive within two to three weeks, sometimes they arrive much sooner. In some cases delays at customs may delay the order. Any delay after we have shipped your order is totally out of our control.

International delivery charges are as follows:

Destination base rate plus kg rate
New Zealand $5 plus $8 per kilogram
Asia/Pacific $10 plus $10 per kilogram
USA/Canada $10 plus $13 per kilogram
Rest of the World $12 plus $18 per kilogram

All prices are quoted in Australian dollars

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