Possum Merino Information

The Lothlorian knitwear range is made from a blend of possum and merino wool. With true Kiwi ingenuity, Lothlorian has created the newest natural fibre in the world.

The unique hollow core and soft, pointed end of the possum fur provides an extremely light, soft, and luxurious fibre.  Even the lightest possum product will keep the wearer warm without being bulky.

Lothlorian’s blend of possum fur with merino lambswool retains all the finest characteristics of merino wool – the finest of wools. Merino moves moisture away from skin, and is naturally odour-resistant. The blending of merino with possum fibre reduces the weight of the article, while increasing the insulation properties. The possum fur also stabilizes the wool against shrinkage.

All products can be safely machine washed on cool/cold water temperature on gentle cycle settings with a slow spin. Dry articles flat.

About Possums

The Australian Brushtail Possum was introduced into New Zealand in the 1800’s by settlers as a source of meat and fur. With plentiful food and no natural predators, the possums flourished, and are now considered a huge pest. Every night around 70 million possums eat their way through native forest, causing huge ecological damage to native bird and plant life. Finding a commercial use for the possum fibre has helped manage the population, and protect some of the worlds most endagered bird species such as the North Island Brown Kiwi.

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